2020 Audi A6 presents VMS 2019 - Go head-to-head with Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5-Series

In Vietnam, the mid-size luxury sedan segment gradually became a "three-horse" race among the three German cars, Mercedes E-Class - Audi A6 - BMW 5-Series. Currently, the E-Class is the model with the most market share.

Obviously, Audi Vietnam will not be able to feel satisfied with the above results. Therefore, Vietnam Motor Show 2019 was chosen by Audi as the official place to introduce the 8th generation Audi A6 2020 with many breakthrough upgrades. Promises to be able to compete fairly with competitors from the three-pointed star brand.

Exterior - More elegant and sportier
The Audi A6 2020 uses a chassis size overall length x width x height of 4939 x 2110 x 1457 mm. Entering the new generation, the Audi A6 2020 inherits the latest design language with a more elegant and sporty appearance.

Car head
Similar to the "brothers" in the family, Audi A6 8th generation still impresses with the monocoque grille Singleframe.

If observant, you will recognize the radar used for Cruise control and the level 3 self-propelled feature integrated in the third chrome plating from the top down. However, these features will be difficult to take effect with complicated traffic conditions like Vietnam.ư

The car is equipped with a new LED headlight system with high-resolution high beam, accompanied by automatic adjustment and lamp wash.

Vehicle body
Viewed from the side, the Audi 6 2020 stands out with the horizontal strokes from the wheel arches often found on Audi's quattro models. Wrapped around the window edges are shiny chrome splints combined with the roofline to slide down the C pillar to help the side of the car look very sophisticated and luxurious.

At the exhibition, the Audi A6 2020 is equipped with dual 5-spoke wheels, size 20 inches. However, according to the manufacturer announced, A6 2020 sold in Vietnam only has 18 standard wheels.

Vehicles equipped with modern rearview mirrors possess features such as: electric folding, mirror drying, automatic anti-glare, memory location and integrated turn signal lights.

2020 Audi A6 has not yet been applied to the design of taillights with LED strips that spread out the entire rear. However, with graphics including dashed lines looks like a fancy comb. Hau fake exhaust cluster size is quite large, chrome border around the task of "decorating" the rear end.

Interior compartment comes from the future
With a wheelbase up to 2924 mm long, passengers on the Audi A6 2020 will have very comfortable legroom. Panoramic sunroof on the ceiling will be provided as an optional equipment if customers want to enjoy the airy space.

Entering the cockpit, users will enjoy digital performances with 3 high-resolution screens.
In particular, the most notable is that the two central screens have a vertical form that makes the cockpit look very technology. Without turning on the electric lock, the two screens almost sunk into the dashboard to form a seamless black block.

The car uses a multifunction 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel, with metal rims exuding elegance with the dominant black tone. Right behind is a paddle shift lever and a 7-inch digital dashboard that can be customized into a variety of configurations.

The front row of the car has an electric adjustment function that supports 4-way seat back pumps. Particularly, the driver's seat has a position memory that helps quickly establish a familiar sitting position.

The rear seat of the Audi A6 has very spacious legroom, large back tilt for comfort. If you want a more advanced experience, customers can add the option of ventilated seats with massage function.

Luggage compartment
The luggage compartment of the Audi A6 is quite spacious with a capacity of about 530 liters, if you need more space, the owner can fold the rear seat according to the ratio of 40:20:40.

Comfort - more technology
Cooling capacity of the Audi A6 2020 is appreciated when owning 4-zone automatic air conditioning. Not only that, the rear seats are also equipped with 2-zone automatic control system via touch screen.

The most valuable technology on the Audi A6 2020 is the two touch screens in the center.

In particular, the upper screen size is 8.8 inches for entertainment needs while the bottom 8.5 inch screen is used to control the air conditioning system and a number of other features.

If you are a music enthusiast, you can add advanced B&O 3D sound system front and back. However, the standard Audi 10-speaker, 6-channel, 180-watt stereo sound system was more than enough.

In addition, the car also has other notable entertainment features such as:

Bluetooth interface, music interface for iPod, USB charging plug
Connect Audi Phone Box phone, Audi smart phone interface (optional)
Regarding powertrain, the Audi A6 2020 has 2 engine options.

The A6 45 TFSI version is equipped with a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged direct injection configuration combined with the Mild hybrid MHEV 12V electric motor.
The engine is capable of producing a maximum capacity of 245 horsepower, maximum torque of 370 Nm, accompanied by a front-wheel drive system. With this power source, the A6 45 TFSI can accelerate from 0-100km / h in 6.8 seconds.

More powerful is the quattro A6 55 TFSI equipped with a 3.0L V6 direct-injection turbocharged engine paired with the Mild Hybrid MHEV 48V electric motor. This engine can produce 340 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque.
A6 55 TFSI quattro will bring owners sublimation moments with the same speed when it takes only 5.1 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km / h. Comes with Quattro Ultra all-wheel drive system. Both versions of the 2020 A6 share the same S Tronic automatic transmission.

Operation - smooth, fuel efficient
Quattro Ultra all-wheel drive system is the most noticeable highlight in performance. Conventional 4-wheel drive systems usually consume a lot of fuel because they must transmit power to both bridges continuously.

According to the announcement from Audi Vietnam, the Audi A6 2020 has an average fuel consumption of 6.0-6.5L / 100km (A6 45 TFSI), 6.7-7.1L / 100km (A6 55 TFSI quattro).

Safe modern and diverse
Safety system on the Audi A6 2020 possesses a lot of modern features but not too strange, such as:
  • 360 degree camera
  • Anti-towing vehicle
  • Tire pressure warning
  • Cruise control system and speed limit warning
  • Warning lane change
  • Reminder to install seat belts
  • The seat pegs and straps are fixed for the rear seats
With a series of expensive technologies upgraded with a new look than before. It is clear that the Audi A6 2020 has created a significant attraction before two compatriots.

However, the price of Audi A6 2020 is still quite high compared to competitors in the same segment. Therefore will somewhat limit the access of customers becomes limited.

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