5 tourist sites near Saigon under 300k playing with gas and shooting

For those who love traveling, moving, the weekends rolled in a corner at home is extremely painful. Wandering cafe is always boring, dating friends and chatting not everyone is free. Furniture is tasteless if every week is like that. Why don't I pick up my backpack and go to change the wind, reset the brain as well as search for new ideas with dust tourism locations near Saigon?

5 fun spots close to Saigon to go home in the day below 300k below will give you the most relaxing weekends! Flynow tickets with attendance of 5 dust destinations near Saigon for the weekend!

1.The version of "Cu Lan Village" in Dong Nai
As a bush tourism site near Saigon located in Tra Co commune, Tan Phu district, Dong Nai province and only about 100km from Saigon, Suoi Mo Park is considered one of the cheap tourist attractions for many friends. children come to.

With a spacious and airy campus, Suoi Mo Park is suitable for you to have fun, pic with friends and relatives.

With the ticket price of 40k on normal days and 60k applied on holidays, you can visit, swim in the lake, bath in the waterfall and freely take photos, especially the water in Suoi Mo is clear, so you can take a bath. .

In addition to dropping in the cool water, you can also play many interesting games such as: playing water ball, cycling on water, kayaking, slide ...

2.5Ku Farm
As a bush tourism site near Saigon located in District 2, 5Ku Farm is considered to be one of the rare and beautiful farm paradise in Saigon.

With a cool space and suitable for dining along the river, 5Ku Farm is an ideal destination for you to "escape the street" and want to enjoy clean foods like "homegrown".

Coming to 5Ku Farm, you can not only visit the vegetable garden, breeding area, sit on the boat to enjoy the delicious delicacies cultivated at 5Ku Farm, ... but also be spoiled for shooting. 5Ku Farm is quite convenient to move, from the center of Saigon to run a motorbike in about 30 minutes, you are present at this beautiful farm already.

3.Thanh An Island
One of the backpacker destinations near Saigon with low cost that you should invite friends is Thanh An Island, this is a small island in Can Gio district, more than 70km from the city center. This place is quite wild, possessing a peaceful and equally poetic beauty.

If you want to explore this new island soul, you can go to the train in Can Gio town, buy a ticket and then board the train for 45 minutes to get to the island. Tickets are also very cheap only 10k / trip only you Come here you will discover the peaceful life of fishermen around the island, see the people catching, fishing and enjoying seafood with affordable prices .

In particular, do not forget to record some beautiful moments with the rock path straight to the sea!

4,Buu Long tourist area
Located about 30km from Saigon, Buu Long Tourist Area in Bien Hoa - Dong Nai is considered as a tourist destination near Saigon for you to picnic and take photos on the ideal weekend holiday. and New Year holidays. Possessing a beautiful, poetic setting like a miniature part of Da Lat, Buu Long tourist area is always a hot spot for young people.

Coming to Buu Long tourist area, you will be amazed at the beautiful natural scenery here. You can release the shooting station with the valley of love, the beautiful bridge with dangling umbrellas, rose gardens, sunflowers, Long An lake and the underwater circular rock platform for visitors to watch the fish.

In addition to exploring, shooting, coming to Buu Long tourist area, you can also participate in many extremely interesting games such as: Fishing, duck riding, boating, archery, rope climbing, artificial climbing, bathing. pool,

5.Tan Lap floating village
One of the interesting travel destinations near Saigon that you should check-in during the upcoming Tet holiday is the "forest path" in Tan Lap Floating Village in Long An Province. Located about 100 km from Saigon, Tan Lap floating village is a suitable destination for you to go on a picnic for the day or camping overnight.

Coming to Tan Lap floating village, you will find a peaceful feeling with the fresh natural scenery of the green cajuput forest, walk on the unique path through the forest, sit on a boat to visit the immense forests and enjoy. a lot of delicious western food.
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