Audi Q8 2020 re-exports VMS 2019, highly likely to be genuine displacement

Those who participated in the Vietnam Motor Show last year will probably never forget the Audi with striking orange paint - Audi Q8. However, Audi Vietnam was unable to fulfill its promise of delivery in July 2019, causing many customers to regret it.

This year, Audi Q8 2020 will continue to present VMS 2019 with a new engine configuration, likely to be genuine displacement. Currently, there are a few Audi Q8s with white number plates circulating on the streets of Vietnam but in private import form.

Exterior - trendy, sporty
The Audi Q8 2020 has an overall dimensions of length x width x height of 4990 x 2000 x 1710 mm. Compared to its junior Q7, the 2020 Audi Q8 is 62 mm shorter, 212 mm wider and 30 mm lower.

Car head
As Audi's flagship SUV, Q8 2020 is optimized by the German automaker in terms of appearance with a trendy, sporty style. Viewed from the front, the Q8 2020 features an octagonal Singleframe grille instead of the usual hexagon found in Audi.

Towards the sport, the outer edge of the border has a very thick design, covered on top is a gray personality paint. It is likely that Q8 2020 will be equipped with standard LED headlights, Audi's advanced Matrix LED lamp technology will be optional.

Matrix LED technology includes 25 LED bulbs with outstanding features such as: not causing dazzle in the opposite direction, recognizing pedestrians or obstacles and redirecting light when the car turns into a corner.

Vehicle body
The design of the Audi Q8 2020 side has won a lot of praise last year because the roof is light on the rear. Meanwhile, pole A and pole C have created a very dynamic and youthful look.

If observant, you will realize that the glass frame / body on the Audi Q8 is very small, completely different from the traditional SUV models. In particular, Q8 is also equipped with a unique borderless door that exudes a stylish and stylish look.

The wheel arches have a slight ripple design that contributes to the emphasis on the dynamic style of the Q8. Supporting the entire chassis is a set of 22-inch dual T-spoke alloy wheels of 22 inches.

Similar to the two A8L or A7 Sportback sedans 2020 coming in VMS 2019, Audi Q8 also has a taillight design that spreads from left to right. This is also becoming a new design trend of new Audi models and even other luxury brands.

2 exhaust clusters shaped angled below are fake and decorative only. The rear bumper is designed to protrude quite high to bring a strong, strong look when viewed from the back. Above the wing is a spoiler with integrated LED brake lights.

Interior - modern technology sky
Although there are only 2 rows of seats, the wheelbase of the Audi Q8 2020 has a wheelbase of 2995 mm. While the same parameters, Q7 must accommodate up to 3 rows of seats. The top roof is also integrated with panoramic sunroof, which contributes to the airy space.

Stepping into the cockpit, you will feel like you are experiencing a future car with many large electronic screens. Typically, the two screens placed vertically in the center area are 10.1 inch and 8.6 inch respectively. Right behind the steering wheel is a 12.3-inch digital screen.

Towards a sporty style, the Q8 2020 steering wheel has a flat bottom design. Surrounded by high-quality Alcantara material combined with luxurious metal details. The gear lever has a special jet-shaped design arranged near the steering wheel for easy operation.

Despite the Coupe hybrid design with low ceiling, the second row of seats is still very comfortable, not cramped. The seats are very comfortable and relaxing with accompanying features like massage, heating and cooling.

Luggage compartment
The luggage compartment of Q8 2020 is very spacious, when folded in the second row, the capacity can be up to 1775 liters. Thereby "eat off" the figure of 1523 liters of BMW X6.

With 4-zone automatic air conditioning, cooling capacity of Q8 2020 is easily rated higher than competitors in the segment. Rear seats are also equipped with air conditioning vents adjusted via the touch screen below.

Two touch screens with vertical layering are the most noticeable technology highlights on Q8 2020.

In particular, the upper screen is 10.1 inch sized g to control the entertainment features and navigation system. The bottom screen has a size of 8.6 inches used to adjust the heating, air conditioning.

Customers who like to listen to music while driving will have to enjoy the Bang & Olufsen "genuine" sound system with 3D sound quality. There are 23 satellite speakers in all, 23-channel amplifiers and can generate power up to 1920 watts.

At VMS 2018 last year, Q8 2020 was displayed using V6 turbocharged diesel engine with a capacity of 286 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque.

However, Q8 2020 will return to VMS 2019 with a new engine, V6 3.0L TFSI turbocharged petrol and 48V lightweight hybrid system. This will also be the version distributed in Vietnam.

The machine is capable of producing a maximum capacity of 340 horsepower, maximum torque of 500 Nm. All power will be transmitted to the Quattro 4WD system through the famous 8-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission.

Operate - strong and fuel efficient
With the newly equipped configuration, 2020 Q8 can accelerate from 0-100km / h in just 6 seconds before reaching a top speed of 250km / h. The electric system combined with the main engine is capable of recovering 12kW of energy each time the driver steps on the brake

From there, the main motor can be deactivated to use electrical power for a certain period of time. This saves a significant amount of fuel. According to the manufacturer's announcement, this version will have an average fuel consumption of 8.9-9.1L / 100km.

As standard equipment, Q8 2020 will be integrated suspension system with damping control. However, if customers want a more comfortable experience, they can choose the adaptive air suspension to control the suspension, which can raise the chassis to a maximum of 90 mm.

Smart safety system
Automatic Parking Pilot and Garage Pilot are two notable safety features on the Q8 2020 that make parking very easy. These two features will be connected via the smartphone of the owner and integrated ultrasound sensors and laser scanners.

Your job is to leave the car with a maximum distance of 6 meters, simple operation on the Smartphone and the car will automatically back into the parking lot. In addition, Q8 2020 also has some other notable features such as:

Cruise Control
Support crossing the road
Warning lane departure, warning to put the car on the side of the road.
360 degree camera
It is not clear what features Audi Vietnam will add to the Q8 2020, we will have to wait until the official launch date to know more accurately.

Overall, the 2020 Audi Q8 is an ideal new choice in the segment with groundbreaking exterior and interior design. In particular, if you are a passionate technology experience, the 2020 Audi Q8 can confidently do better than the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe.

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