Details Hyundai Santro cheap car 2020, when to return to Vietnam?

After the impressive launch of the small Ffil Vinfast car in the Vietnamese market in order to directly confront Hyundai Grand i10, the Korean manufacturer and Thanh Cong Group said that they will quickly bring the Hyundai Santro 2020. to Vietnam right in the first quarter of 2020 so customers can access cheap cars.

This is the car is a direct competitor to: Maruti WagonR, Tata Tiago, Renault Kwid and Maruti Alto K10 in India. When returning to Vietnam, this model will confront Toyota Wigo, Kia Morning, Vinfast Fadil and Hyundai i10 elder (Refer to the cheap 5-seater models in Vietnam).

How much is the Hyundai Santro?
Price of Hyundai Santro in India: 5,300 USD. However, when the car returns to Vietnam, the price may be around 300 million and it must be lower than the price of i10 car sold in Vietnam.

How much is Santro car price considered a difficult problem for Hyndai Thanh Cong because the price of Oto i10 car is currently at VND 315-415 million, not including discount. If not careful Santro and i10 can "step on each other" in the segment of cheap urban cars in Vietnam.

Review Hyundai Santro 2020 car
Santro is a small car from Hyundai launched in 1998 and stopped production in 2014. However, according to the latest information, the leaders of Hyundai launched Santro in October 2018 in Indian market at preferential prices aimed at first-time auto buyers.

Exterior of Hyundai Santro 2020
2020 Hyundai Santro possesses a very dynamic and compact appearance in the overall chassis length x width x height of 3610 x 1645 x 1560 mm, respectively - an ideal small car that helps drivers easily wriggle in the rush hour.

Featured at the front of the car is a high-gloss eagle claw. Right in the center is the chrome grille surround that looks quite nice, flanked by trapezoidal fog lamps located in delicate wind cavities.

Running along the body of the car is gently stamping ribs from the front wheel arch to the rear wheel arch, the wheels are very small in size only 13-14 inches depending on the variant. Comes with the rearview mirror and door handles and body color for a solid look.

The rear has a design quite similar to the Grand i10 with 2 trapezoidal tail lights with prominent rear bumpers to create accents and reflective lights integrated immediately. Right above is the brake light, small spoiler and rain wiper.

Interior of Hyundai Santro 2020
The cabin of Hyundai Santro 2020 has a highly practical design, the car has a wheelbase of 2400 mm - not too wide but enough for customers to enjoy the relatively spacious seats, the interior of the car with 2 The beige-black tone combines very subtle.

Featured on the dashboard is a 3-spoke steering wheel integrated with many buttons such as voice recognition, Bluetooth, remote sound recognition, right behind is a 6.35 cm functional information display with clock cluster display. visual parameters necessary to help drivers easily observe.

The seating system is thoughtfully furnished with a design that fits close to the body

The seat system is thoughtfully equipped with a design that is close to the body, the distance between the two rows of seats is quite moderate, the rear seats can be flexibly folded, increasing the storage space when needed.

Comfort facilities
Entering the cabin of the Hyundai Santro 2020, customers will feel the cool atmosphere thanks to the air conditioning system with manual adjustment with the rear air vents, the blades are designed as an aircraft to maximize the ability to do cool car.

The infotainment system on Santro is quite modern

The Santro infotainment system is quite modern when equipped: 17.64 cm AV touch screen, Android Auto smartphone connection, Apple CarPlay & Mirrolink, Bluetoth connection, USB, Integrated audio 2- DIN with FM / AM and front / rear speaker system help deliver clear tunes.

In addition, the car also has other utilities such as remote fuel lid, remote door opening, power adjustment windows, power outlet inside the car, rear document compartment, interior lights and central door locking. .

2020 Hyundai Santro Cars has 3 variants with 2 engine options: 1.1L petrol engine and 1.1L Bi-Fuel engine producing maximum capacity of 57-67 horsepower, maximum torque from 84-99 horsepower.

Accompanied by that performance are two options of gearbox including 5-speed manual and 5-speed automatic transmission to help give the driver a stable and true driving experience. With this configuration, this is an ideal vehicle for customers in Vietnam who have a business need for a service vehicle or simply need a vehicle to avoid the sun. 2019 has 3 variants with 2 engine options

In addition, the car is also equipped with front / rear disc / drum brakes to quickly handle sharp cornering situations or sudden braking. Hyundai Santro has electric power steering that makes steering easier.

In addition, Hyundai Santro pleases its owner when traveling through potholes smoothly thanks to the McPherson / front suspension / dual springs and thick front / rear tires with parameters 155 / 80 R13 and 165/70 R14.

With the "safety first" criterion, Hyundai Santro 2020 shows a reliable car image with quite a number of safety systems such as 1-2 airbags, seat belts, anti-lock system. hard brake, electronic brake force distribution.

In addition, the car also has: parking assistance system with rear sensor, reversing camera with audio display, child safety door lock, impact sensor door lock, fire extinguisher and speed sensor automatic door lock. degree.

The security of the car is maximized when the integrated anti-theft system locks the engine lock.
Advantages and disadvantages
Determining the lower segment of Grand i10, Santro is a really cheap toad car worth Vietnamese customers' interest. With outstanding advantages and smart pricing strategy, this is one of the desirable models for the average customer in the Vietnamese market.

(+) Advantages: cheap price, many safety features, application of many smart technologies.
(-) Disadvantages: weak motivation.

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