Discover 9 characteristics of typical Saigon people

Not as elegant as Hanoi people, not as gentle as Hue people, those born and raised in Saigon possess a rare dynamic. You should travel to Saigon to perceive the characteristic Saigon personality.

For many people, living in Saigon is a dream, a burning desire. For those lucky, born and raised in this magnificent street, it is an indescribable pride. They are imbued with the typical mindset, lifestyle, and culture of the streets; they feel Saigon through the perspective of someone who was born and raised; and finally bring in friendliness, sharing, full of kindness.

It is these things that have gradually formed the characteristic characteristics of the Saigon people. It is friendly, enthusiastic, cheerful, generous and has something stubborn and arrogant. Travel with Vietnam Vision points through some characteristics of typical Saigon people.

Character of Saigon people: Friendly
Saigon makes many people come here to be touched and heartwarmed by the extremely simple things. Traveling to Saigon, whether you ask for directions or chat a few sentences with anyone, you will receive strangely sweet and friendly answers. Here, because of confessing grandchildren, they call themselves aunts, palsies, and close children like family members.

Character of Saigon people: Has a special voice
The voice of Saigon is as it is now due to the harmonization between the three regions of the North, Central and South. With the background voice is a Southern accent, hard, strong and a bit homely, creating a unique voice that is unmistakable. Saigon people have the wrong pronunciation for the last few words. The words "music and light", "gòn and gồng", "few and useful", or initial consonants "v and z" ... sound like homophones. They also often confuse the question mark and the tilde. But over time, this process is gradually decreasing, and cheap Saigon travel you will easily listen to the special voice of Saigon people.

Character of Saigon people: Actual life
They live their true selves with their permission, no fake, no race. Looking at a Saigon man, you will hardly be able to predict whether he is rich or poor; be intellectual or business; are going out or working ... The rich can sit and eat in a shop which is not luxurious and the poor can likewise visit a luxury restaurant to enjoy a sumptuous meal.

Character of Saigon people: Simple eating and drinking
They are easy to eat and drink, as long as they are full and full of food, not needy decoration. But choosing a restaurant that treats you and your relatives, the Saigon people are very stylish, although they may not be very rich. People from all walks of life, all walks of life select the restaurant, choose food and drink very carefully, based on their budget.

Sai Gon's Character: Not refusing to help others
Wandering in Saigon, if you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to ask Saigon people. They never said no to strangers, and refused to help others. Do not know how many times, people from far away here are all Saigon people dedicated to help regardless of familiarity or strangeness. And if you go astray, it's okay because when you ask for directions, people will know if only will be very enthusiastic, even many good people lead to the place without a thanks.

Character of Saigon people: Compliance with traffic law
Young Saigon people always learn how to acquire civilized habits and polite culture quickly. It seems that proper temperament has infiltrated every citizen here. The same people from all lands, all classes and all components, but contrary to the Hanoi people waiting for the red light, the tall and the low, and the Sai people, standing tall, stand tall, as if someone had instructed them.

Character of Saigon people: Remember the past
Saigon is known as the city that does not sleep at night, vibrant and modern but in the heart of Saigon people are filled with the feelings of the old past, of the childhood years. Therefore, if you come across a group of friends or groups who are gathered to tell the story of the past, it is time for them to recall their past.

Character of Saigon people: Like to drink night coffee
If the night of Hanoi people just want to go home, gather with relatives, the Saigon people are the opposite. They like to rush out to the streets at 9pm, find relaxing moments by night cafés. And sipping hot / cool coffee and enjoying how vibrant and modern Saigon is.

Saigon personality: Little attention to clothing
They are not interested in costumes, except on special occasions. On the road, Saigon people just like to dress comfortably, wear arbitrary shoes, as long as they are not drag. Regardless of age or gender, Saigons don't care what outsiders look at and think. Many people do not even like to dress like other people.

They especially like to wear jeans and pull shirts, even at weddings without the slightest fear of being judged.

Young Saigon people often like to go to West Street after work, sometimes just to drink a cool beer, or just want to find a chat place, chat with friends. They prefer the unbroken cohesion of flat beer bars (sitting on low chairs or sitting on the ground). Booking Saigon tours will find the Saigon people 's character characterized as non-class talking, just like and dislike.

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