HYUNDAI VENUE 2020: A smart choice for first-time car buyers

As Hyundai's smallest crossover, the Venue 2020 is aimed at first-time buyers of cars looking to own a quality car, with eye-catching design and reasonable price.

"Do you want a new car or a used car?" This is a simple question, but there are many different answers. Despite this, Hyundai is playing a big gamble that most people will choose to buy a new car (with a 10-year powertrain warranty) if it is affordable, eye-catching, full of seductive.

According to Motor1, the 2020 Hyundai Venue converges all of these factors. After driving this car outside the city of Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) and along the beautiful coast, there are still many questions raised for the small crossover SUV. However, one thing is for sure: this is a smart, stylish, easy-to-attract car for first-time buyers.

The 2020 Hyundai Venue experienced by Motor1 experts is the Australian market version, so there are many different specifications than the US market version that is expected to open for sale later this year. .

Instead of using a 6-speed automatic gearbox, customers in the US market have a version using continuously variable transmission CVT (or IVT intelligent gearbox - as called by Hyundai) and manual transmission 6 levels of standard. CVT gearbox for better fuel consumption than other types of automatic transmission.

In addition, the version for the US market will have softer dampers, although the springs and crossbars are still the same version for the Australian market. Finally, the 2020 Hyundai Venue in Australia is equipped with summer tires, while in the US is the tire for all seasons.

In addition, depending on the market, Hyundai will make changes to better suit the conditions in that market. In Australia, Hyundai is distributing two versions of Venue Active and Venue Elite, while in the US market, there are two Venue SE and Venue SEL variants. In addition, customers will also be comfortable choosing exterior and interior colors.

The most beautiful design in the segment

However, one important common point between different versions of Venue in different markets is the impressive design. It can be said that this is a strangely beautiful small crossover from all angles. Inheriting the latest design language of Hyundai applied on elder models such as Hyundai Palisade, Hyundai Kona ... Venue immediately attracted users at first sight thanks to its very attractive appearance.

Hyundai knows that exterior color will play a major role in attracting customers' eyes to their small car. So in addition to the main paint color, Hyundai has added green banana color to the front bumper, rear bumper, door panels as well as the roof of the car to create a striking contrast of colors for the Venue. In overseas markets, Hyundai Venue is offered 80 options combining unique paint colors for the exterior, interior and roof.

The most popular choice of users is the two-tone roof and rearview mirror cladding. In some markets, the Venue's roof and rearview mirror finishes will be black, white and acid gold, but in the US market, only the roof will be white and the exterior will be painted blue in the Denim Edition package. As for the cabin compartment, only the Denim version has a blue interior paint color, while the other versions will stop in black and gray.

Inside the Venue's cabin, the material used is mostly hard plastic with a faux leather finish. This is also a commonly used material in models in the same segment. However, the Venue impresses with its eye-catching and youthful interior décor. The hard plastic parts of the car door and the materials on the dashboard aren't really as sure as I expected. However, it can be said that Venue is still easy to convince users thanks to the best design style in the segment.

Although not equipped with many utility features, the Hyundai Venue is still capable of surpassing its rival, Nissan Kicks. It comes with a standard 8.0-inch touchscreen with Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility. Meanwhile, rival Nissan Kicks has a 7.0-inch screen and is not compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. In addition, the Hyundai Venue is equipped with standard automatic emergency braking (AEB) capable of detecting pedestrians, while the Nissan Kicks has standard automatic brakes but lacks pedestrian detection. .

Another plus point for the interior of Hyundai Venue is to bring a spacious and airy space for users. The cockpit is designed to be sporty, with felted interior, with electric sunroof, wireless charging, three knobs to adjust screen and temperature. High seat position, wide windshield model Fiat 500L.

Excellent soundproofing ability

If you travel with 4 people on Hyundai Venue, all 4 people will really enjoy a very quiet ride. Along the highways and two lanes in Australia, the Venue cabin only has a low noise. In fact, only when the car is moving at high speed, the occupants will feel the sound of wind crept into the cabin. Even then the noise is limited to the A. Column area. Hyundai Venue can boast the most tranquil journey in the segment.

The comfort of Hyundai Venue is shown more clearly when traveling on the road. Half of Australia's roads are unpaved. On dirt roads, Hyundai Venue's MacPherson suspension and torsion-spring rear suspension reduce vibration, keep the bike balanced and provide the smoothest feel for the user. The Hyundai Venue is even better on paved roads, with 3 modes of Eco, Normal and Sport. The steering of the Venue is quite compact, especially when cornering, the car creates the necessary stability for the driver.

Hyundai Venue uses a Gamma 1.6-liter engine, 4 cylinders in line, naturally aspirated, producing a maximum capacity of 121 horsepower and torque of 153 Nm. That's not necessarily a great power, even for a car weighing 1.3 tons. Venue has a hard time traveling on sloping terrain, but on flat terrain the vehicle takes very little time to accelerate the speed limit.


Hyundai's big plan could fill their worries when the Venue went on sale. This super small crossover is really worth the Korean carmaker's expectations. Masculine styling and comfort will help Venue resonate with consumers.

Hyundai has not yet revealed the official price of Venue in the US market. Meanwhile, in the Australian market, Hyundai Venue starts at AU $ 23,416 (US $ 15,840).

If the price of this compact crossover in the US is also accessible, the style and quality of the Hyundai Venue 2020 comes with the manufacturer's impressive 10-year warranty, which will easily convince customers. Come to Hyundai showrooms to experience new models.

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