Impressive Saigon through the perspective of a tourist

Ms. Nina Karnikowski, a foreign tourist, shared her impressions of the city trip. Hồ Chí Minh on Traveler.

After drinking quite a lot on the last night of my cruise on the Mekong River from Cambodia to Vietnam, I found myself in a loop outside the Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

In front of me, four main roads converged with a crowd of trucks, buses, cars, bicycles and motorbikes. This bustling city has over 8 million people and about the same number of motorbikes. I feel like the cars are gathered together here, racing around here all morning.

The first 5 minutes of heartbeat passed and there was still no vacancy in this crowded traffic. I stood still, sweat flowing into my back. The rays of sunlight shone directly into my eyes and the pubs across the street were shimmering like an illusion.

This morning's advice from a companion who has been to Saigon dozens of times resounded in my mind. Noticing that I had no other choice, I stepped out of the sidewalk. At that moment, a couple of locals appeared beside me. They did not stop but stepped into the traffic with the same confidence as the singer and actress Beyonce jumped to the stage and gestured by hand to the motorcycles. The traffic avoided them miraculously and reentered. I hurriedly followed them, taking them as my shield until I crossed the street.

After a massage to soothe my aching body, I walked across the street to the 2000 Pho restaurant, famous by former US President Bill Clinton who ate the first bowl of pho here. The smell of a bowl of noodles with vegetables and meat made me woke up. Forgetting all the pizzas, burgers, and pho - the signature dish of the Vietnamese people - is a great drink for me.

After eating, I walked through the Saigon Museum of Fine Arts - the building has an elegant architecture with cool corridors and awnings, the Museum displays an impressive collection of Asian art. Visiting this museum is a great way for an afternoon to pass.

When I left the museum, it was raining heavily. I decided to rain beams to ease the headache. I turned down countless offers from cyclo drivers: "Hey, where do you want to go?" Walking is the best way to see Saigon with its leafy streets and colonial French architectural buildings.

After many wrong turns, I found what I wanted in the shops on Mac Thi Buoi Street, which were handmade pottery, fine knitting baskets, shawls, velvet pants and silk scarves. in the fashion style of the 20th century of the last century.

At this moment, my stomach scratched again. My friends and I went straight to the Secret Garden restaurant located on the 6th floor of an old factory. We sat among the fairy lights, potted plants and enjoyed a lot of local food. Fried spring rolls, stir-fried morning glory with garlic, spicy tofu and I'm waiting for a great drink, Vietnamese 333 beer.

That was enough for me to walk 10 minutes to the bar on the rooftop of the Rex Hotel. During the 1960s and '70s, this was a famous gathering place for war correspondents. I watch the sparkling lights of Saigon, a glass of drink in my hand and feel the emotions of people here.

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