At the ceremony of the all-new 2018 Cayenne in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Andreas Klingler, CEO of Porsche Vietnam had a frank and interesting sharing about the Porsche brand, Porsche products as well as future plans of the firm.

Mr. Andreas Klingler: During the past 10 years, Porsche has been active in Vietnam and has so far achieved more than 1,100 units of sales, of which, the flagship is Cayenne with about 500 vehicles, followed by the Panamera. with 300 cars, Macan 300 cars.

Reporter: After 10 years of operation in Vietnam, does Porsche intend to expand its network in the near future?

Mr. Andreas Klingler: In the past 2 years, Porsche Vietnam has reached sales of more than 200 vehicles per year and we do not want to stop at this number. Our goal for the next 2 years is 400-500 cars / year.

To achieve this goal, we continue to improve the quality of our services, our staff, and provide our customers with the latest products such as the Cayenne 2018. In addition, we are completing the final stages. to commence the new Porsche center in Hanoi in 2018 before going into operation in 2019.

For Porsche headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, we will expand the infrastructure to best support the operation. Besides, we are considering and considering opening more centers in the North as well as other big cities: Nha Trang, Da Nang or Hai Phong.

Mr. Andreas Klingler: 2017 is the 10th year that Porsche is present in Vietnam market and we have overcome many difficulties and challenges to achieve today's results. This is one of the reasons we work more with the Porsche factory in Germany to bring back the first two Cayenne S models on the production line to Vietnam.

Besides, we also convince the Porsche Group that although the number of Porsche cars in Vietnam is not much, the market is full of potential and can grow well in the future.

Reporter: Will the new special consumption tax affect Porsche Porsche or not and in the first 9 months of this year, how many cars can Porsche Vietnam sell?

Mr. Andreas Klingler: The new special consumption tax law will naturally affect Porsche Vietnam but not so much because the new tax will increase in some models but also in some models.

At the end of the first 9 months of 2017, we sold about 130 cars and in this last quarter, also the peak season, we strive to reach the goal of 200 cars / year. For the 2018 Cayenne, the first models will arrive in February 2018.

Reporter: Entering the new generation, Porsche Cayenne changes from mechanical buttons to touch, do you have any concerns from customers?

Mr. Andreas Klingler: The buttons of the 2nd and 3rd generation on Cayenen have a clear difference. Previously, it was like a Vertu phone and many customers liked it, however, the third-generation touch like the iPhone, users also loved because it was smarter and more oriented. more future. Therefore, it is difficult for me to make a comparison between the two generations because it is a sense of customer privacy.

Reporter: After 10 years, how do you evaluate Vietnamese customers?

Mr. Andreas Klingler: For Porsche, we are quite lucky because Vietnamese customers, despite their high position in society, are very friendly and can be considered as friends. Occasionally, we welcome customers to visit Porsche showrooms in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City but not to see the car, to do the service but just to talk, drink a cup of coffee. I feel the close connection between Porsche Vietnam and my customers.

Reporter: Porsche Cayenne is the most dynamic SUV in the world, however, nowadays, luxury brands continuously produce SUV models. So how do you research Cayenne to keep his position?

Mr. Andreas Klingler: For the new generation Cayenne, to maintain our position, we had to improve a lot, especially focusing on the driver. It can be mentioned as the active driving feature, the person who holds the steering wheel can enjoy the most complete feeling.

Not only that, in terms of performance, Porsche also applies many advanced techniques such as upgrading the chassis system or testing it on the track even though Cayenne belongs to the SUV line.

In 2018 Cayenne, the car's performance is better, more dynamic and the tire is also developed separately and through the testing of Porsche experts.

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