The Range Rover Autobiography LWB 2018 was brought in by a private showroom in Hanoi to serve the needs of Vietnamese giants for more than 12 billion.

Compared to the Range Rover 2018 variants that appeared in Vietnam before, the new one belongs to the more expensive and more expensive version. Specifically, the Autobiography version comes with an extended LWB wheelbase. The engine of the car is also in the 5.0 line with a cylinder capacity of nearly 5.0L subject to special sales tax of up to 110% so the price is also much higher than the HSE version.

Specifically, the previous HSE 3.0 version was only sold for more than 8 billion, the Autobiography LWB is priced at over 12 billion. In addition to being subject to high special sales tax, the car is also equipped with more expensive options, especially the larger wheelbase, so the higher price is also indispensable. Range Rover Autobiography LWB 2018 has a length x width x height of 5,199 x 2,220 x 1,840 mm, a wheelbase of 3,120 mm.

With the overall length increased by 200mm, the legroom of the rear passenger room has also been increased to 185mm to help owners of the car have more space to use. The Range Rover Autobiography LWB 2018 belongs to the 5-seat version, the rear compartment is equipped with sun blinds, connection ports, cup holder and separate automatic air conditioning, armrest integrated with cup holder, 2 resolution screens. 10 inch position mounted in front row headrest, wireless headphones, electric panoramic sunroof, power reclining seats.

At the front, the basic design is not different from the previous HSE version. The driver's seat and auxiliary seats are multidirectional, remember 3 positions, premium leather upholstery The display behind the steering wheel is 12 inches in size, displaying information about the car in high resolution. There is also an optional display screen on the glass that makes it easier for drivers to see. The car has up to 17 different connection points including USB port, HDIM port or 12V charging socket. A 4G wifi transmitter is also integrated in the car ready for 8 devices to connect at the same time.

Range Rover 2018 also receives Infortainment Touch Pro Duo touch control system. The system works on two 10-inch touch screens. Users can swipe information from one screen to another screen easily. The top screen plays the role of controlling the traditional infotainment system while the bottom screen plays the control of the air conditioner and Terrain Response terrain response system.

The car audio system is still of the familiar Meridian high-end brand with 29 speakers placed around the car. Independent 3-zone air conditioning system with extremely delicate design knobs. The roof is still the familiar panoramic sunroof. Power steering 4-spoke power, integrated many function keys as touch sensors replace mechanical buttons. The rear is a gear shift lever.

The exterior of the car is similar to the HSE version except for the L-shaped logo mounted on the panels in column A to distinguish it from the regular base shaft version. The front end features a new grille cluster, Pixel-Laser LED headlight system with a newly designed LED position light. The front bumper and air intakes have also been redesigned. Electric rearview mirror with integrated turn indicator LED light and 360 Degree Camera. 21 inch 7 spoke dual spoke wheels. Steps up and down automatically opens when closed / opened. 4 doors are all kind of inhalers.

At the rear, the new taillight cluster is the highlight on Range Rover 2018. The British car company uses LED technology and extremely beautiful 3D modeling. Range Rover logo mounted in the center, Rear Camera mounted below metal brace. If in the previous generation, the exhaust system on the 2018 life has been added with outstanding quadrilateral metal shooting to help increase the look of the car.

The Range Rover Autobiography LWB 2018 is equipped with a 5.0L SuperCharged V8 engine that produces 518 horsepower and 625 Nm of torque. Vehicles capable of accelerating from 0 - 96 km / h in 5.2 seconds, top speed 209 km / h. Vehicles capable of wading deep 900mm.

The Range Rover Autobiography LWB 2018 is offered by the Manh Thuan Auto showroom (MT Auto) 530 Lang Ha street for sale at over VND 12 billion.

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