Review of Audi A8L 2020, long wheelbase version launched VMS 2019

Audi Vietnam has announced a list of 6 names to appear at the Vietnam Motor Show 2019 on October 23. Specifically include A6, A7 Sportback, A8L, Q2, Q3, and Q8.

In particular, the Audi A8L 2020 (long wheelbase version of the A8) is the model that many Vietnamese giants look forward to. As such, Vietnam is the fourth country in Southeast Asia after Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia to welcome the Audi A8L 2020.

Exterior - Luxurious, sophisticated
Audi A8L 2020 - long wheelbase version with an overall size x width x height of 5302 x 1945 x 1485 mm, respectively. Compared to the standard A8, the A8L 2020 is 130 mm longer and 12 mm taller while the width remains the same.

Car head
At the front of the car is the famous hexagonal grille of the Audi brand. With the design extended to the sides with 6 shiny metallic horizontal bars, the "face" of the A8L 2020 looks bunker and stronger.

As Audi's flagship sedan, it's obvious that the 2020 A8L comes equipped with modern Matrix HD LED headlights with thin strip lights. This technology consists of 25 LEDs divided evenly in 5 reflectors.

Comes with features such as: don't cause dazzling oncoming vehicles, identify pedestrians or obstacles and redirect the light when the car comes into a corner

Vehicle body
Compared to its predecessor, the A8L 2020 has a 24% higher rigidity due to its aluminum construction of 58%. The remaining is a mixture of bearing steel, magnesium and carbon fiber.

This is thanks to the MLB Evo platform of Volkswagen, Bentley Bentayga and Porsche Panamera. "Seamless legs" of the A8L 2020 is very diverse with rim sizes ranging from 17-21 inches.

Tail lights with a seamless design stretching out the rear of the car are becoming a common trend of new Audi models. The A8L 2020 is no exception with the OLED strip covering the width of the vehicle. The 2 exhaust pipes below are for decoration only, the real exhaust pipe is hidden under the car.

Furniture - Flooded with technology, super spacious
Audi A8L 2020 has a 3128 mm long wheelbase, "marginally" better than the standard A8 model to 130 mm. This means the Audi A8L 2020 will have more leg room and more abundance.

All seats on the car are covered with Valcona smooth leather with Alcantara suede for a smooth and comfortable sitting feeling.

Sitting in the Audi A8L 2020 cockpit, you will never want to leave thanks to the modern, technological design. Most striking are two large touch screens with a 2-storey structure that provide a powerful visual effect.

The dashboard surface is made of high-quality materials such as Dark Matte Brushed Aluminum and real wood cladding to enhance the elegance. Opposite the driver's seat is a 4-spoke multifunction steering wheel with a fancy "butterfly" design. Right behind is the paddle shift and 12.3-inch digital screen.

The rear seats have an independent setting with a central bulkhead with integrated armrests and a 5.7-inch touch screen, removable and remote control. Bosses in this position can use this screen to adjust the volume or temperature.

Similar to the standard A8, the Audi A8L 2020 also has a standard luggage compartment capacity of 505 liters.

Comfort - modern and varied
4-zone automatic air conditioning and ion air purifier have more than enough capacity to maintain a cool and fresh atmosphere inside the cabin. Supporting along with the insulated glass doors and cooling function for both front and rear seats.

In order to meet the high demands of fastidious owners, the Audi A8L 2020 has two fragrance system options including sea breeze and moutain air.

The highlight of technology on the Audi A8L 2020 is the central touch screen duo. The upper screen is 10.1 inches with the function of adjusting the infotainment system. The bottom 8.6-inch screen takes on the task of adjusting the air conditioner, heating the seat.

Most notably, the sensitivity of the two monitors is very good, without any delay. This is possible thanks to an Nvidia processor 50 times more powerful than its predecessor.

Audi A8L 2020 will bring passengers unforgettable music experiences with B&O Premium 3D sound system. In addition, the car also has a wifi transmitter to help passengers can comfortably access the Internet.

The "heart" of the Audi A8L 2020 is a 3.0-liter TFSI V6 engine paired with a 48V mild-hybrid system. This combination can produce a maximum capacity of 340 hp at 5000 - 6400 rpm, maximum torque of 500 Nm at 1470 - 4500 rpm.

All power is transmitted to the Quattro 4WD system with the famous Tiptronic 8-speed automatic transmission.

The Audi A8L 2020 has an average fuel consumption of about 8.2L / 100km. However, when the lithium-ion battery pack is fully charged. The main engine can completely turn off in up to 40 seconds and the car can still move at 55 - 160 km / h. This is the key to help A8L save gasoline than the old version.

Operation - Smoothness, impressive acceleration
With the current configuration, the Audi A8L 2020 can accelerate from 0-100km / h in 5.7 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

Although intended for enjoyment, whenever the owner is inspired to sit behind the wheel. But it can be seen that Audi A8L 2020 can still bring owners the feeling of driving excitement.

The Audi A8L 2020 has plenty of smoothness when traveling on the road thanks to the adaptive air suspension. All vibrations will be completely extinguished when the car glides over obstacles or potholes.

The Audi A8L 2020 is proud to be the first car on the market to achieve Level 3 self-driving thanks to modern automatic assist technology. This technology can automatically accelerate, decelerate, control the steering system actively at a speed of 60km / h.

Safe - Smart, diverse
Among the series of Audi A8L 2020 safety systems in possession, car door opening warning and intersection warning are the most notable new features. This feature is responsible for preventing the opening of the car door to collide with the rear car with warning signals.

In addition, the Audi A8L 2020 also has:

  • Doze alert (works via a face recognition camera)
  • Electronic hand brake
  • Automatic emergency brake
  • Parking Assistance Plus parking
  • 360 degree camera and CCTV around.
  • Warning lane departure
  • Automatic parking system
  • Lane change assist
  • Exit warnings and rear traffic alerts

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