Review Share your trip to Saigon - Dalat 4 days 3 nights extremely happy 2019.

“Our group just finished a 4-day-3-night self-sufficient Saigon-Dalat tour to say it is delicious, nutritious and cheap. With only 2.5 million for 4 days of eating and drinking, you still can buy gifts. The following article, I would like to share with you all the disabilities of our discovery journey, from playboy, travel ... etc and some dining reviews, delicious and cheap locations for you to refer to "

Traveling Saigon - Dalat 4 days 3 nights
About transportation to Da Lat
Phượt Sai Gon - Da Lat traveled by Phuong Trang bus to our group, priced at 240k bed. The car has stops to pick up guests at De Tham, Le Hong Phong and intersection of green goods.

You note on the way there is only 1 stop at Phuong Trang's cafeteria in Madagui. Therefore, you do not drink too much water because there is no stop to go to the toilet.

Traveling Saigon - Dalat 4 days 3 nights self-sufficient, our group takes a trip at 10am when arriving at about 4am. The weather in Dalat this season is quite cold. Upon arrival, we will be transported by free shuttle bus of Phuong Trang garage to the motel we rented before.

Rent motels, hotels in Da Lat
Where should I go to Dalat? Our group consists of 7 people, because all of us like to freely explore and have garden views, so we chose a homestay at 12A Ly Nam De, a new house, clean and fully furnished, with cookware. The room rate when I rent is 700k / household / day. The owner of the homestay I rented was very enthusiastic, fun and even gave us a lower price.

Detailed schedule to discover Saigon - Dalat 4 days 3 nights

 Breakfast: We call all kinds such as: Beef fillet (5k / pair), quail egg pie, shrimp (6k / pair).

When I read Da Lat travel review, there was a Thuy Thuy cake shop in the famous 21 Tran Phu alley, so my group stopped by to try it. Cakes are not served with vegetables like in Saigon, but served with dipping sauce or shiso or fish sauce.

The total damage to the group of 7 people who ate it all was about 280k, cheap yet. What I like best is that, after eating is served free iced tea or hot tea. It's cold but if you can enjoy a cup of warm, hot tea, there's nothing

After breakfast, the group continued to drive around to admire and take photos with wild flowers on Tran Hung Dao street.

 Lunch for the whole group is bread, I have to admit that Dalat bread is very delicious, medium flavor and not tired at all. There are many types such as banh mi banh mi, banh mi banh mi, 12k / pcs, I bought at Hoa Le bread shop.

Continue the journey of Dalat tour 4 days 3 nights cheaply, the whole group "ride" to move to Datanla waterfall, on the way will pass the beautiful pass with the green pine forests that you can stop to Check-in here.

The highlight of Datanla waterfall is to retain its inherent pristine features, white rolling waterfalls. At this point, you should fully charge the camera to be able to enjoy photography offline.

 Truc Lam Monastery is the next stop of our group, visiting and admiring some beautiful flowers here. After that, the whole group walked down to Tuyen Lam Lake, taking photos here is fine. ^^ About 15pm, we moved home to rest to be less tired. After that, go to Da Lat night market to buy barbecue and organize BBQ party at your homestay.

The second day itinerary: Cu Lan Port - LIANG BIANG
Breakfast: In Dalat, you have a lot of delicious breakfast dishes you can enjoy, our team chose Hanoi No. 1 pho at 71B Bui Thi Xuan, priced at 30k / bowl. I eat pho in Saigon a lot, I want to enjoy watching the taste but my feeling is not as good as Saigon.

VILLAGE VILLAGE go straight ahead
Traveling to Dalat from Saigon, Cu Lan Village is the next stop in our journey. Situated in the middle of immense green mountains, at the foot of Mount Langbiang is 20km from the city center. Cu Lan village has a large area, if walking quite tired.

 In the evening: Our group participates in the Central Highlands gong festival, the ticket price is 180k / person, you can join the tour. In the gong melody along with the flickering fire, dancing around the pink fire. In particular, attending the gong festival tour in Liang Biang also enjoy the delicious wine and roasted forest meat. 180k too cheap price is not it

Travel to Da Lat with cheap prices, today our team spends the whole day exploring the food. I would like to share with you some of the delicious restaurant addresses I have collected:

In the morning, go to Bich Cau cafe to have a beautiful view to the romantic lake, opposite the flower park. Price from 30-50k, the restaurant has breakfast too, but not very good

Lunch: Group eat soup cake, price 22k / bowl.

In the afternoon: Ride on the banks of the lake to watch the sun set.

EATING - EATING HERE To Da Lat, you cannot miss snacks.
Rice paper rolls: Mi tea shop on Nguyen Cong Tru street only sells in the afternoon, the shop is very crowded. You have to wait 20 minutes to get the cake, so you should order a lot so you don't have to wait ^^ Egg custard 7k, if there is cheese or dried beef, the price is higher.

In the afternoon: The whole group took a walk around the lake, Yersin Park enjoyed the fried and deliciously fried lungs and liver with delicious and strange dipping sauce. Price for 1 plate is 7k, multi-plate dish is 10k, eating and sightseeing.

In the evening, eat goat hot pot at 371 Phan Dinh Phung street, the restaurant is famous for its specialties of veal and vinegar dipped beef. Total damage 650k.

In the morning, go shopping for gifts: I buy some dried fruits and artichokes as gifts. Then go buy some flowers, the cheapest flower shop opposite Vietcombank bank near Dalat market. The price of cheap seeds is 10k / root, 15k yellow tigers, blue tigers is 30k, which is half cheaper than other places.
Review Share your trip to Saigon - Dalat 4 days 3 nights extremely happy 2019. Review Share your trip to Saigon - Dalat 4 days 3 nights extremely happy 2019. Reviewed by Matter on October 29, 2019 Rating: 5

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