At the Vietnam Motor Show 2017 (VMS 2017) that took place in Ho Chi Minh City, Toyota brought 3 completely new models, first introduced in Vietnam: Toyota Wigo, Avanza and high-end minivan. Toyota Alphard. In particular, Wigo is a small, low-cost car model imported directly from Indonesia by Toyota Vietnam.

According to the company's representative, the model is expected to be launched from the beginning of 2018. The selection of a small, cheap car introduced at the exhibition shows the intention to cover the whole all segments of Toyota in Vietnam today.

With a small size like Kia Morning and Hyundai Grand i10 but Wigo is labeled as an imported car and the Toyota brand advantage will be a big challenge in this segment and directly hitting the demand for cheap small cars that Truong Hai and Hyundai Thanh Cong "confess" for so long.

Previously, the cheapest car Toyota sold in Vietnam market was Vios also cost 564 million. Much higher than the price of VND 340 million of Hyundai is i10, or 315 million of Morning. Thus, it can be seen that Toyota has "left open" small and cheap hatchback segment in the Vietnamese market. And that is also the reason why i10 and Morning "rain and wind" on the car sales charts.

However, the story will be different, if the Japanese carmaker "locks" the price of Wigo on par with i10 of Hyundai Thanh Cong or Morning of Truong Hai. Because it has not been sold to the market, it is not possible to know how good Toyota Wigo is, well received by consumers, but more or less, the "piece of cake" market share of cheap cars of both Hyundai Thanh Cong and Truong Hai will be affected. enjoy.

Remember, Toyota cars have never been "hot" and are always ranked as "sizable" in terms of brand value and use value. Toyota cars are also the first choice of consumers in the Vietnamese auto market. This makes the firms having direct competitors with the new Wigo model even more worried.

Wigo's disadvantage is that this is an imported vehicle, while the two names i10 and Morning each have their own places, with the advantage of being assembled domestically. Therefore, Toyota is forced to focus on how to have a reasonable price policy, in order to gain an attraction to the Vietnamese market.

However, once again, the fluctuations of the market and especially the continuous change of tax / fee policy before the threshold of 2018 have prevented Toyota from dare to officially announce the price of this model, even though In Indonesia, Wigo is considered a cheap model.

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