West Bui Vien Street - Favorite place for young Saigon people at night

If in Hanoi there is Ta Hien Street, then in Ho Chi Minh City must mention West Bui Vien Street. Wanting to know how bustling and bustling Saigon is "all night long" is probably no better than Bui Vien.

This is a place loved by many people, especially young people and foreign tourists. So, what is attractive in this West Quarter - Bui Vien Walking Street? Let's TATTV come explore!

Bui Vien West Street, also known as Bui Vien Walking Street or International Crossroads is a neighborhood located on De Tham, Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao and Do Quang Dau streets, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Minh.

Name "West Street"
Before 1975, the term "international crossroads" was not on the map, but only used by writers and journalists to talk about the area with five roads around Nguyen Van Hao cinema (now known as Cong Nhan Theater). Bui Vien (formerly known as Bao Thoai), De Tham (formerly known as Dismude), Do Quang Dau, Tran Hung Dao (formerly Galliéni) and finally Pham Ngu Lao (former name Colonel Grimauld). This, the name West Street was coined by the people of the area, because there are many tourists from the West such as USA, England, France and most of them are backpackers.

However, this is considered a multinational, multicultural neighborhood because recently, the object to West Street is not only Westerners but also Asian and domestic tourists.

Activities at West Bui Vien Street
Bui Vien was officially opened to become a walking street since mid-August 2017. Since then, this place has attracted a large number of visitors with many interesting activities.

Bui Vien Street will prohibit the car for a length of about 500m, from De Tham to Do Quang Dau during the period from 19 pm to 2 am the next morning on two weekends to serve entertainment activities with food stall, folk games, street performances, ...

On two weekends, West Bui Vien street became more bustling than ever. Whenever night came, Bui Vien suddenly became more bustling with all skin colors, hair and language.

The bright lights and vibrant music emanating from the cafes, bars and pubs along both sides of the street make tourists feel very excited and interested.

In addition to bars and pubs, the beer stalls on the sidewalk of West Bui Vien neighborhood are equally crowded. People often choose to come to Bui Vien to sip beer bottles and confide, chat with friends and feel the atmosphere of a Saigon at night.

At West Bui Vien street, there are many interesting and unique entertainment activities. The art performances from the sidewalk to the road are attracting the attention of many visitors, creating a very exciting atmosphere.

In particular, here are also often held folk games that receive much attention from foreign visitors such as jumping rope, tug of war, food umbrellas, ... Therefore, West Bui Vien Street is a place. that many families with young children choose to have a relaxing and relaxing weekend.

In addition, the tourism services here are also very diverse and rich with many types ranging from book stores, travel tours, massage parlors to grocery stores.

The delicious dishes not to be missed at West Bui Vien street
Bia Bui Vien
Many people choose to come to Tay Bui Vien Street mainly to enjoy cool beer bottles with friends, chat together, forget about everyday fatigue.

Along the street there are many pubs with extremely affordable prices. There are also many different types of beer for you to choose. Drinking a few beers at Bui Vien is an experience that you absolutely must try when visiting Saigon!

Ba Sau small grilled village
Address: 198/4 Bùi Viện, Phạm Ngũ Lão Ward, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh City

Ba Sau small grilled village is one of the most famous and oldest grilled stalls from past to present in West Bui Vien neighborhood. It is also known as BBQ Saigon Night.

The skewers of grilled skewers at Ba Sau small grilled village are plentiful, meticulously prepared and extremely captured by the staff here, which makes anyone who wants to see them try it. Each skewer costs 10,000 VND so just 100,000 VND each of you and your family members and friends can have a full meal for dinner.

Pho Two Meditation
Address: 14 Bui Vien Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
The small noodle shop is nestled in the middle of the intersection of Bui Vien - Tran Hung Dao streets but it is a dining address that has long been known to many people. This place is famous for its extremely unique multicolored noodle dish, which is curious to many diners.

However, visitors do not need to worry because such colored noodles are entirely from natural ingredients such as Gac, pumpkin, brown rice, purple cabbage, etc. Especially, despite the colors such as But this dish retains the toughness and delicious taste of traditional pho.

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