Da Nang — Rainy Days & cold

This is my 3rd time to Da Nang, but it's the first time with your husband. I have a lot of days to want to stay and how much to spend, while your husband is in the negative, you want to go to Danang, only to get the company outside the branch work 1 week. And of course I'm in a fart, hehe.

To Da Nang is 11h night, cold air, belly-alcohol scraping, curious paths for what to eat, find the nearest bread shop. The bread here is small, made of rice flour or something, in general I don't see delicious as in Saigon, because going at night should also not bring the phone to shoot. So hungry for the hotel:D
The first day:
Early morning wake up in Da Nang, cold weather, think is cool, so I only wear skirt + shorts, huhu. The hotel is Golden Beach, 109 hoang van Thu, Hai Chau Dist., Da Nang CITY, and opposite the hotel is the famous cake shop in Hanoi: The girl, 100 Hoang van Thu. I eat here 2 times, and always 45k, give 50k is the boss returns 10k, Bo 5k and so on =)). As it is famous, it is especially the morning & in the evening.

Although it's not here for 1 week but because we still go to work, we play at Lang Co Bay & Hoi An shortly. Run from Da Nang via Hai van Pass to Lang Co, which is cold, medium rain and wind is so cold, so 2 you must visit the rain cover. We also have a speaker to open the music on the way for fun, but the loud speaker is also not blown by the wind, Hix Hix. Just a cold hunger should go to the mausoleum, we're not a seafood champion 2 years ago I ate: the floating restaurant.... just sit and eat that run in the counter = (((.

The seafood here is both fresh and tasty and cheap, the time is too good to eat the total of only 400k 2.

Take pictures of the picture so that 2 teeth are collided equally as

Actually, this time I hope to capture the beautiful mausoleum in the sun, which looks like the number of libel or star Asia, which times out of the sky is also cloudy, cold rain:((

When you're about to go to the sun for 1:

And this is the divine raincoat that helped me out of the cold Hai van

Small Train:

1 Flower Area "leaf" white

The way up son Tra Peninsula, it is no longer in memories 4 years ago:((. At this point the car runs out of gasoline, and also hungry & cold, and the sky is dark, just stop here.

The general sees trade in hem?

And the first dinner in Da Nang is a gentle shrimp pancake dance. You pile up the pancakes, you're not because of something that grease is eaten only 1 piece is the case.

On Sunday: Rain still falls, the sun is still cold
Because the weather was so cold and rainy, we couldn't go to hoi An early, because Hoi An wanted to take pictures is only beautiful when sunny:D.
Every time back to Hoi An is seeing the difference, 1 few familiar alley but instead is a lot of new shops, roadside dishes are also new & more.

Eat it, come on. The promotion of cake is a dish that never felt:P

The cute little bar is in the alley, and although it has been uneaten but the Times pass by the boss still invite "not to eat" =)))

Hoi An This day is in the winter, so that you can shoot a lot of space at 1m2 with 2-3 you, Hix Hix

Bicycles made of bamboo

Hai Cafe, holding the camera on high rise, but still see the shadows of the people, make yourself too dwarf = (((

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