Experience Saigon Travel 2020 how, where, what to eat?

Tourism/Southern Tours/Saigon Travel Experience 2020 how, where, what to eat?
Experience Saigon Travel 2020 how, where, what to eat?
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Experience Saigon Travel 2020
When to go to Saigon when is the most beautiful?

Transportation to Sai Gon/Saigon Walking Guide
Traveling to and from Saigon by what means?
Staying in Saigon/hotels beautiful, luxury and cheap in Saigon should stay

Where are the attractions in Saigon/Saigon to play?
Places of interest in and around Saigon
Beautiful shooting location in Saigon
Fun and entertainment attractions in Saigon

Dining venues in Saigon/Saigon Gourmet Food and dining address
Rice noodle, Fish hotpot
Fish soup
Rice Noodles – wonton
What should I buy in Saigon?

Notes when traveling Saigon
Saigon Tourist Overview
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Besides being the largest economic and cultural center in Vietnam, Saigon also has the "transfer point" of tourists at domestic and abroad. Therefore, the city is always crowded and busy. If you are planning to travel Saigon on the occasion of 30/4, please refer to the experience of Saigon Travel 2020 self-sufficient, the following cheap for a safe, economical, and rewarding trip.

Experience Saigon Travel 2020
Saigon is dubbed the "pearl of the Far East", the cultural, economic and political center of Vietnam. Travel to Saigon, you will be admired the high-rise buildings, entertainment areas, shopping malls... Cruise the Saigon Riverside by train, visit Pham Ngu Lao Street, shop at Ben Thanh Market or go to the sea.... Are "specialties" travel that you should not ignore when visiting Sai Thanh

What's so special about tourism in Saigon?
In fact, Saigon Tourism does not stand out, and this also agrees to both hands. Tourism, resort is a must to the Blue sea area, there are wild forest mountains or beautiful scenery to see, to enjoy. Saigon does not have these things, Saigon has only bustling streets, food paths crowded to crave. You have a passion for eating, discovering food (especially Western cuisine), just travel to Saigon immediately, make sure the food is flooded.

Experience in Saigon tourism
The best is to explore Saigon at night
If you've ever traveled to Da Nang, it will be very impressive with its distinctive voice. In Saigon, the nature of the Southern voice is gentle, listening to everyone who is easy to understand. If you visit a fish noodle soup, hotpot or pancake is very easy to hear the voice of the Western women, to say is the essence but very sweet. By the same reason, many people taking Western wives are also for this.

Danang Tourism this month 10 what's beautiful?

If you're traveling Saigon, you're sure you will find yourself bored. It is customary to say, to enter the custom, and I find it also somewhat correct. In Da Nang or Sam son, you can relax in the luxury resort or immerse yourself in the pool right on the beach, very relax. In contrast, Saigon tourism is literally supposed to go to the socialist, renting a motorbike to this place less, there are little new experiences to be memorable.

What are the most beautiful travel experiences in Saigon?
Saigon does not have four distinct seasons such as Hanoi, the weather in Saigon must be said to be a moist weather. Just like the rain, but when I'm far away, I remember that kind of love. Saigon has 1 sunny season and 1 rainy season (this one has to experience so it's not going to be wrong). The sunny season starts from 12 months until 4 months, the rainy season will start from the beginning of May 5 until November 11.

If someone says the experience of Saigon travel to any season, I find it not very right though Saigon has no flood. The weather is also not unpleasant, sunny but not harsh, the rain is not stretched all day as in central. But there was a time of the year raining so much, although the rain lasted only 1-2 hours but it was prone to flooding. Rain usually appears at the end of the day, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., the rain is constantly unawash, many sunken places are flooded, motorcycles must walk.

Experience in Saigon tourism
The weather in Saigon is cool all year round. Photo: Baomoi
So, if you plan to travel in Saigon self-sufficient, I advise everyone to go on after Tet, from May 2-3 is the most beautiful. At this time the day will be sunny, almost no rain, good night is also cool. This kind of a ring, and you can stop the snacks, some of the original plates with beer cans are all about your child. There are no special festivals in Saigon, and in the back of the new year, there is the January Festival of Chinese and the festival of the Lunar New Year held in the Saigon River is also very scale.
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