Fast and slow, Saigon culture causes people to immerse

Fast and slow, Saigon culture causes people to immerse

It's common to have, in Saigon, only faster and faster. Everyone is drawn to that spin, sometimes forgetting that, in Saigon there are always adorable little things, people of Truth and life stories, trades that make you ponder. Saigon, just call the name, see Remember the wisdom. For those who travel to Saigon, come and go, and suddenly find themselves in the heart of the culture.

The first feeling of most of all visitors coming to Saigon must be a busy atmosphere, the noisy, the crowded together of the crowds of people on the street. They feel stuffy because they cannot adapt to this photo frame. It seems that the original impression about Saigon is simple. Flowers, flowers for the rich and for the poor. But, never knowing for himself, people gradually adapt to that, and remember that the scene of the car stuck in the siren, whistle, noise.

Saigon has many alleys, alleys so that people can weave, Luke to find a restaurant, a new place. Or one way to the intersection of the car, it is peaceful to turn into an alley, winding a revival to the place you want. As the main charm has given me to meet and Love Saigon. Tourists coming to Saigon, suddenly saw the appearance of this glamour, there are still the bass notes.

Saigon Tourism, gradually understanding that, why away from the strange feeling, people can familiarize themselves and love this place in such a manner of immersion. Just like loving the feeling each time soon gathered away coffee together, which looks like only to meet each other chat, gather defamatory chatter to forget about the hard life. Saigon-Way down to La Café, Saigon Tourism, a very good ride, that eats well. All attractive dishes just want to roll back to the tour.

Saigon knows how far this distant person is feeling and warmed by the little things that are adorable. The people here are the four peoples, all of which are all classes. Travel Saigon, chat with the salesperson or ask anyone, also get a sweet and friendly answer to the strange. Here, they are called by an aunt, with a foreign body, with a child, just like the people in the house. The liberal nature of the essence has become the specialty, the yeast that makes the tourists immerse here.

Friendly and hospitable smile

Friendly smile, hospitality-Photo: Arek Arek

The whole place is also very cute.

The place she sells is also exotic-Photo: Almut Albrecht

No matter how long the life

No matter how long the life is--Photo: John Milligan

Saigon also causes people to remember by the idyllic things coming from the most ordinary people. That old stuff selling lottery tickets returns the excess when I buy help stuff the lottery tickets with the saying: he traded enough to make a living. Nobody wants to owe anybody's money. Or the road under the green canopy with small signs, on the edge, "sister who needs to go to the hospital from Du Chai, go straight out of the left turn, look up there is a building with mother-of-mine is coming. " Under there are more small lines:  "You can not ride a hug, I shuttle." Saigon tourists remember forever these special things.

Funny Drivers

The drivers are funny-Photo: John Milligan

People, in Saigon, can't see the stars. Because every light here has been a distant star. The night of Saigon doesn't sleep, the whole city is dressed up in a charming, sparkling and glowing shirt. People plunge into endless pleasures, out of the night, and up to date. Come to Saigon, do not be afraid to come to the road at 9pm, because it is a time when the fun begins.

Brilliant as girl seduces at night

Brilliant like the glamorous girl night-Photo: Micharl Osterrieder

But in parallel with that, there are still relatives of the flood. The rich promise of this land is not for everyone. They all turned out with hard work, deeply sad eyes that contained both a long story and not told. Now, they continue to live, and continue to stick here.

One of the things that reminds people of Saigon is that the rains suddenly come and rush. When the sun was hot, a few moments later, the diaper was raining, then quickly, returned to the clear sky. It seems, the rain came only to soothe the slightest bit of the summer noon, people stopped the rain, allowed themselves to slow down a little, and then again rush into the busy spinning reel

People often ask, love a city not because of what it is, but by who it is. But in Saigon, the city itself has been a lover of loved ones. Noisy, busy, hustle makes people not to adapt, but returning to the Saigon Tour, I feel the hard things to remember. In the midst of Saigon, someone arrived, someone walked, someone quietly dropped a heartbeat in this prosperous place.

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